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Mobile device subscribers can now have FreeBandTM -- free and/or discounted mobile bandwidth "pre-bundled" directly into any individual mobile app that is easy to use, secure, private, and available to all


Our Mission

FreeBand Technologies' mission is to bring free and/or discounted mobile bandwidth -- "FreeBand" -- to all mobile end-users by enabling an open and rich ecosystem whereby application providers, content sponsors, and other interested third-parties have the option to subsidize the cost of broadband by directly reimbursing the end-user or mobile carrier for cellular connectivity. It's just like a toll-free "1-800" phone call -- except for bandwidth.

Powerful Over-The-Top ("OTT") Platform

What if a mobile carrier could use a suite of on-device apps (e.g., Android) to lower a consumer's monthly bandwidth bill while also improving access to high quality content? What if you also radically optimized the mobile operator's BSS/OSS billing framework at the same time by creating a virtualized OTT bandwidth billing platform coordinating millions of end-user devices as opposed to using rigid, slow, privacy invasive, and expensive in-network servers (e.g. bandwidth management via deep packet inspection)? With FreeBand all this is possible, providing a solution that is low cost, flexible, future-proofed, and secure to mobile carriers, content providers, and consumers alike. That's FreeBand.

FreeBand Tutorial

Watch brief video tutorials on how easy FreeBand apps are to make and deploy, and how these infinitely customizable FreeBand apps can enable countless personalized bandwidth plans that actually simplify a carrier's bandwidth billing operation -- while giving their customers greater connectivity choice and value.
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