What is FreeBandTM?

Today, mobile broadband access is a necessity -- but it is becoming more expensive and less satisfactory as the demands of mobile networks are stretched to their limits. To cope, mobile carriers are initiating mobile data caps and passing the incremental costs of increased mobile traffic over to their customers. However, FreeBand Technologies has found a better way to deal with this problem -- one that recognizes the mobile carrier's need to better manage their networks while also respecting the end-users' need for affordable, high quality mobile bandwidth. The solution can be found in FreeBand -- an over-the-top ("OTT") bandwidth optimization technology where data billing plans are tied uniquely to each and every app on a mobile device – not simply to the device itself – recognizing the fact that apps actually consume the bandwidth, not the device.

As such, FreeBand apps simply mirror the well-known “postal delivery model” where delivery rates are always tied to the characteristics of the actual package delivered – not to a flat rate billed to the recipient. In fact, while FreeBand technology is very unique, it adheres to a very basic, widely accepted observation: consumers rarely pay for postage fees associated with the delivery of basic content received via "snail mail" (a DVD, a product catalog, letter from a friend) -- so why would that same end-user want to pay for delivery of the same exact content to their mobile device simply because it is in digital form? Clearly they would not -- and that is the power of FreeBand. FreeBand technology incorporates reverse billing of bandwidth features into any number of mobile apps -- with the level of mobile data "free-ness" set voluntarily by the party creating the app or sending the content to the end-user. As a result, the end-user gets the content delivered to their mobile device for free or on a discounted basis -- just like they do for physical content like DVDs and catalogs sent in the post.

By enabling this bandwidth billing flexibility, FreeBand benefits carriers, consumers, and content providers who now have dynamic pricing options for sending and receiving data (based upon the value of data / content delivered). No longer will customers be tied to rigid and expensive monthly data plans. Just better value for more people, with fewer restrictions.

In addition, because FreeBand "toll-free" technology is application-centric (residing on the device, not deep within the carrier network), it is easy for carriers to rapidly deploy, inexpensive to maintain, very secure, and avoids the privacy invasiveness of other in-network reverse billing solutions (e.g. deep packet inspection).

For a detailed tutorial on how FreeBand works, just click here.

Bring Your Own Device Platform

FreeBand also allows users to bring their own devices to work and have their employers easily separate out and pay for work-related voice and data charges while preserving end-user privacy. The service is called Bring Your Own Bandwidth (BYOB) and enables any mobile device to load multiple mobile bandwidth consumption profiles (bundles of FreeBand apps) that track profile specific voice and data charges while preserving your data security and privacy.

For a brief description of how BYOB works, just download the PDF overview here.