Sustainable, scalable, and low cost mobile access is the key to enabling individuals and communities in today's demanding networked world. As an enabler of free / discount mobile bandwidth, FreeBand can also be a vital technology for markets where improved mobile connectivity translates into social good.

Reducing Poverty / Economic Development

UN News Center UN chief emphasizes use of broadband Internet to accelerate development.

Broadband Commission / ITU The Future Built On Broadband.

National Bureau of Economic Research The Broadband Bonus: Accounting for Broadband Internet's Impact on U.S. GDP.

Ensuring K-12 & Adult Education

UNESCO's 2011 Global Monitoring Report 67 Million Kids Can't Make It To School.

US Department of Education Harnessing Innovation To Support Student Success.

Center for American Progress Getting Students More Learning Time Online.

National Center for the Study of Adult Literacy Successful Online Literacy Programs.

Job Training / Job Search Availability

Benton Foundation Broadband and Job Training.

Broadband Breakfast Broadband Now Essential to Online Jobs Searching, Say FCC Panelists.

Des Moines Register Living on the Edge: Disabled Become Able to Work Through Broadband.

Telehealth / Telemedicine Availability

California Healthline Push Is On for Health IT.

Atlanta Business Chronicle Word spreading about benefits of telehealth.

AARP E-Medicine Increases in Popularity.

AARP Online Health Tools For Seniors.

U.S. Veterans Affairs Hospital VHA Office of Telehealth Services.

Pew Internet Peer-to-peer Healthcare.

Public & Social Service Efficiencies

Benton Foundation The Benefits of Universally Available Broadband Are Enormous.

The Economist Too Much Demand For Too Few Terminals.

FCC Natl Broadband Plan Government Performance Review.

Improved Citizenship / Community Connectedness

Pew Internet How the Public Perceives Community Information Systems.

The Brookings Institution Improving Technology Utilization in Electronic Government.

Preserving Family Relations

Pew Internet Networked Families.

BBC News Technology is helping families stay in touch like never before.